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Personal Deliverance and Mass Deliverance   (910) 874-0723

Deliverance Minister Apostle John Denson

Our Mission is to get people that are bound by Satan delivered, and set free.  Doors have been opened by willful sinning, and now Satan has you bound.


We have deliverance teams that will come to your local church and set up individual deliverance services.  We have a deliverance minister preaching on deliverance while the rest of our deliverance team will hold deliverance service with one individual at a time or one couple in a private room.  Anything that anyone tells our team is confidential.  Our teams are made up mostly of married couples.  Demons are cast out and people are set free.  Time to be set free from anything that is keeping you from having a closer walk with God.  Powerful deliverance preaching, personal, group, and mass deliverance services.

Our vision is having people that are bound by Satan to be set free.  If you have an area of your life that you can't control, and it is controlling you then you might have demons controlling that area of your life.  Example is that if you can't stop looking at pornography then you have a demon that over powers your will power.  You are not in control anymore.  You can't stop looking at porn.  You are in need of deliverance.  It is time to be set free.  Call and schedule your deliverance today.  Deliverance is to move something from one place to another.  If you go out and buy a new washer and dryer, they get moved from the store and delivered to your house.  When you are in bondage from the enemy you can be delivered.  You were controlled by something like pornography and now you have a demon has strong hold in your life and it must be broken.  Surrender that part of your life back to God.  Demons can be cast out if you will renounce that demon and then get  delivered.  THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICE
   Call Apostle John Denson (910) 874-0723 Today.

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