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I am Apostle John Denson and I have been in the ministry for over forty-years.  I have been married to the same woman for over forty-years.  As a deliverance minister I believe that we must walk the talk.  I am an Apostle under the ministry of Greater Works Ministry who have many intercessors praying for our deliverance services.
I have Apostles that I am accountable to.  I have read the Bible through many times, and I have read hundreds of Christian books.  Many of these have been on deliverance.  I use anointed power points to bring the message of deliverance and spiritual warfare.  We also do personal, group, and deliverance services.  I almost finished writing my first book on Spiritual Warfare.


Apostle John Denson

I hold personal, group, and mass deliverance services.  I preach deliverance messages on strongholds, pornography, witchcraft, worry, fear, the armor of God, How Satan's Army Works, and many more.  These messages are all on Power Points and that helps keep attention.
Contact Apostle John Denson today so you can have these powerful deliverance services at your local church.  One day service or weeks.  Revival at your local church.  Time for these powerful Spirit filled services.  Cell phone (910) 874-0723 Shallotte, NC 

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