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Contact Apostle John Denson for your Deliverance Conference.    Deliverance   is  when  something is moved from one place to another.   If you go to the appliance store, and purchase a new refrigerator it is moved from the store that you bought it.  Then it is delivered  to your house.  Personal deliverance you are moved from bondage to freedom.

Apostle John Denson
(910) 874-0723

If you have sinned against God, then you have legally opened a door for demonic activity in your life.  You have seen the picture of Jesus knocking at the door.  There is not a doorknob on the outside of the door.  Jesus cannot force His way into your life, and neither can Satan.  Satan can knock on the door, but he cannot open it.  When you open the door to pornography, adultery, drugs, alcohol, or any other sin the devil comes in as an invited guest.  He is not a trespasser.  You invited him into your life.  If you continue your pattern of sin then Satan will continue his pattern of destruction in your life.  You opened the door, and now he has access to any part of your life.  He can get to your family, finances, health, and any other part of your life.

Now if you have that door open you have a demon infestation.  You might have many demons living inside you.  If you can't stop looking at porn, drinking, drug abuse or any other sin then you are in need of deliverance.

Call Apostle John Denson at (910) 874-0723, Shallotte, NC for more information about deliverance.  Our deliverance team has many years of casting out demons.  Personal, group, and mass deliverance services are available.  We can even do your deliverance over Zoom.  There is not any charge for our personal deliverance services.  WHAT ARE  YOU WATING FOR?  

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